Pick Your Poison

Grab Bag

Same old mall. Warm, big, no more of that awful music playing, enough food to last two months at least, showers, beds, evil clones lurking in vents… Far better then camping in many ways, yes? Not like you have much choice what with the weather outside that has the mayor standing at a window, frowning for most of the day.

No one even notices a drop of water forming on the ceiling. There’s not even a stain or a puddle, just a drop hanging precariously, quivering as someone gets near before it falls, hopefully landing on the unsuspecting person. For a water droplet, it has remarkably good aim.

And then… something happens.

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Sweet Dreams

New Area

Clouds appeared suddenly in the middle of the night, black and billowing as they were shoved into the sky by unseen forced. Once all the stars were blotted out the rain came down in a sudden downpour, waking even the deepest of sleepers with the sudden crash. It doesn’t stop. The sky lightened slightly a few hours later but the rain never let up. The mayor said that they had to keep moving, rain or not.

The easy walk enjoyed since leaving Higure is ruined by slick mud and frigid water constantly falling. Then a light is seen in a distance. After a pause, the mayor turns away from the river for the first time to head towards it. A two story shopping mall sits in the middle of nowhere all by itself with all the lights still on. There aren’t any signs of a parking lot around it, yet the building seems to be untouched by the Nightmares. And it’s warm inside and more importantly, dry.

Maps are posted near entrances. Clothing stores, camping supplies, shoe stores, beauty shops, electronic stores, food court, restrooms, a small grocery store, candy shop, bookstore, a bedding store with a few beds to sleep on, whatever you think would be in a large shopping center. Staff only areas will let you find private offices, locker rooms with showers. Security still has video cameras running. The lights in the shops turn off at 11 pm and turn on at 7 am, the lights in the rest of the main building stay on all the time.

Notable Nightmares: Any odd Nightmare you want to have wander in from the rain, Mold (only dangerous if you have allergies for now), Small animal things (none that dangerous, more like rats in size and temper but come in a large variety of forms), and Easy listening music (awful, will play until someone finds the office and shuts it off/finds a better CD to play).

Weather: Torrential rain outside with some flooding around the mall, 68°F (20°C) inside unless someone fiddles with the AC.

Food: Expiration dates vary, the latest one being from a year ago if the date on the PDAs are correct. Anything perishable is gone, however the freezers in the food court work and the canned foods in the grocery may be fine.

A Mod Plot Approaches

The little squirrel didn’t have the kinds of thoughts us human do.

It rummaged through the trees of the forest like little squirrels do, ignoring the travels of a group far below the canopy of where it was. Humans had not walked the path of these woods for a long while, enough so that this squirrel was unfazed by their presence. It soared from tree to tree, climbing up and down and dancing a strange waltz with the forest around it, slowly getting lower and lower until it landed on the earth below.

Still ignoring the travelers, it rummaged through the dirt looking for its acorn that it planted last year, little fluffy tail flickering. It felt no strange instincts, no weird signs. The forest was still alive with wildlife. And it was hungry. So it was going to search for its acorn and feast.

Maybe, if its brain was bigger and capable of more processing power, it would have noticed a strange pattern among the trees. Some clustered together in an almost perfect circular shape when other trees had more of a random spacing. And maybe it would have run away when it saw the way these strange trees all seem a bit curved, all in the direction to a single point far above the canopy.

They snap into rigid lines with a loud crack, suddenly. The squirrel jerks and panics now, running away, jumping to land on one of the nearest trees. But each straight tree it tries to land on is now a leg, and a mini force field seems to keep the squirrel from reaching the other trees outside the circle.

Boxed in, the poor squirrel stops fighting and waits, panting heavily, its instinct to survive damaged but still coursing through its veins. Something lowers from above it from the bright and blinding canopy. Like a giant… stomach? And the strangely shaped giant lima bean tips and something rains down on the poor squirrel. It screams as the liquid burns through it’s fur and flesh, dissolving it. Still it tries its damndest to fight whatever unseen force was hurting it.

The need to live so strong that despite its bleeding and raw open wounds, it continued until there was nothing left and it collapsed against the ground. The liquid had burned through it’s legs and was dissolving its skin, innards now decoratively scattering the ground underneath it. It screams in pain as each drop sizzled through it, convulsing as its body still tried to run away from the extreme that was still being thrust upon it.

Eventually the tortured screams echoing in the now silent forest died off, and the little squirrel shutters and takes its last breath before its captor finishes its meal by dumping all the contents of its stomach over it. And when it was finished, the trees of its legs creak and snap as it bends back into position and waits for another victim to come along. The forest remained silent, as though mourning the death of the poor squirrel.

The knowledge of this danger though would be lost except by among the creatures that had just witnessed the horrible event, for there were no remains to give warning to the rest.


Okay, these monsters have ten legs camouflaged like trees that lock in place when you hit the center of their circle. A stomach drops down and drips acid on you until you die. The monsters head is egg shaped with a right eye bigger than the other, and a mouth that is sewn shut.

These things can only be destroyed from the inside out.

If your character dies in this, they really die. And it will be counted as a drop.

Things that can break through their barrier include metal objects, and any type of magic of course. If you're character can only use physical attacks, like punches or kicks, you're better off jumping up and knocking the stomach down or something rather than trying to get out.

This plot will go from October 24th to October 31st.

Any questions ask here.

BTW, monster looks like this.


New Area

As he said, the mayor packed up after giving everyone a chance to salvage what they could from the city and started to lead everyone east. The dead locals they left were attracting Nightmares, so it was best to leave quickly. Plus everyone was given a limited amount of water that will quickly run out.

Environment: A flat, dry, barren plain. More rocks then shrubs and the shrubs are dead. Towards the end of the first day walking the mayor leads you to a large crack in the earth. The river that the mayor will follow for as long as he can is located at the bottom and will take about ten minutes to climb down and longer to climb up. A narrow rocky shore is less then ideal to sleep on, so the mayor suggests the camp be set up on the plain above the river.

The water looks deep and too fast to walk across, turning into small rapids in areas. But it is possible to wade in and bathe if you stay close to the shore. If you boil the water it will be safe to drink and cook with if needed. Beware of fish. Some fish can be eaten and some you'll want to stay clear of.

Notable Nightmares: Piranhas (~10-30 inches long, hunts in packs, difficult to kill) and Werewolves (they are more active around full moons)

Weather: Mid 70's (°F) cooling to mid 60's through the week. Partly cloudy, calm breeze. Full moon on the 4th.

Shifting Stone

It was around dinner time when every PDA broadcasted the mayor’s warning, after most the locals had ended their work day and gone back to their apartments. They all looked up blankly at the speakers that served as their PDA and stood up together to do as they were told. All at once, every local in the city collapsed where they stood. Killed faster then a blink when the Ritpels in they were destroyed along with the brains they were in.

Only twenty seconds after the warning the ground starts to shake. The six black pillars around the city vibrate more then the buildings do until they visibly rock in place. It doesn’t take long for them to be wrenched out of the ground by unseen forces and pulled up. All six punch large holes into the cave’s roof, sending boulders and sunlight crashing back down onto the city of Higure.

The ground continues to shake, knocking dishes off shelves and starting to send distress cracks up the walls. The road running down the middle of the city started to roll like waves coming into shore. The power goes out; now only the quickly dimming sunlight coming in from the six holes gives the people any light.

There is a massive crack and the shaking only gets worst as the back part of the cave collapses. Air rushed out of the cave with a roar, deafening the people still alive along with the constant crashes of falling rocks and collapsing buildings.

It lasts for half an agonizing minute only, but it feels longer as the buildings and cave fall around you. But it dies off, leaving an eerily silent cave. There is a new hole next to the apartment buildings as well as a large opening where the surface came crashing down onto more then half of the city. But the light is fading as twilight creeps closer.

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Escape is...

The smallest worm will turn, being trodden on.

It’s cold. Your eyes slowly blink open to find yourself lying on the dirt floor of a tunnel, not made of rocks like Higure, but packed mud. A few small lanterns bathe the dirt in a pale blue light. It smells like damp soil and something musky, the air thickened by it somehow. Your shackled, a chain connecting you to the people next to you and any untreated wounds from before have been bandaged hastily with discolored rags. Looking, you see that everyone you recognize from the apartments is chained together in a long line. This is underground obviously, so where were those things that dragged you down here?

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Something wicked this way comes...

It’s hot. Your eyes snap open and prove that you are out on the Surface, sun beating down on you. You’re not alone on this hot, rock platform though. As you stand you look at the other people standing up with you. One woman looks out of place, silent and oddly yellow. A Local? She stands there and stares out at the space in front of her. Following her gaze reveals nothing, just the dead world known as the Surface. Perhaps a little quieter then usual right now, but there has always a certain dead stillness to the land.

The sound of static breaks the quiet and the usual voice comes through on everyone’s PDA. "Test demonstration activated." The Local snaps to attention and looses the usual blankness for the first time. Now she is truly human. And scared to the point of insanity. “No... No... NO!” She screams, nails digging into the sides of her head like she wants to rip off her own ears. Perhaps you move to help her, or stand still trying to make sense of what going on. In the end, she screams out another "NO!" and leaps from the platform. She runs towards that point on the horizon before you even get a chance to take a step towards her.

Now you want to chase after her. Perhaps she knows something? Perhaps it would be safest to follow? But then movement on the ground catches your eye and stops you dead in your tracks. Something is moving under the dirt, making the soil rise up into a mound. No, there are two of them. Both moving to intercept the Local still running and screaming incoherent words. Maybe you want to yell to her to watch out, or perhaps run out to her and help. But an unseen force seemed to bear down on you and freeze you in place.

It happens quickly. Two pairs of furry gray things shoot out of the ground, claws digging into the Local’s legs. The woman release a blood curdling scream as she starts to be pulled into the ground by the things. The scream is abruptly cut off when she is pull in up to her waist and the Local goes limp. The things pull her down under the soil in complete silence until there is nothing left but a pile of freshly turned dirt.

You stare at that spot in the ground in horror until the rock platform you’re standing on suddenly shakes and gives way. Everyone drops to the dusty ground and sees whatever took the Local turn towards the vibration of the new prey. That hollow voice comes back on the PDA, "Field test #67RE5T9U activated. Run."

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Mod Plot Over

You wake up, dreading what new thing you'll have to deal with today. And... Hey! All normal and good again! No more weird new abilities or anything. Just the same old body with the same old glowing chip slowly crawling under your skin towards your brain.


Mod Plot

You are going about your business, when suddenly you get an overwhelming urge to do something that you never did before. Or you suddenly look different. And before you get a chance to panic, your PDA starts up.

“Field Test #443121. Activate.”

And for 24 hours you are stuck with this strange trait. And you mope, cry, enjoy, or grow hysterical over this new addition, new habit; until it suddenly disappears. Only to be replaced by a new one.


Exactly as is explained. You will trade traits with another person, for a day, before it gets changed again. There will be a list for you to choose which trait you would like and which you need to offer a trait to for the other's to use. You will not be able to use what you give up until the end of the plot. It is assumed it is always in use, even if no one is using it.

Appearance, talents, and maybe even certain abilities, like magic or swordsmanship, may be traded. We encourage that you trade as many things as possible.

Reply here with what each character will be without this week, until the 25th.

Mod Plot Over

The next time you go through the cycle again, this time you wake up in your room, exactly at the point of a weak ago before you disappeared (for example, if you pulled off your shirt and collapsed into bed, you will wake up at this exact point). You barely have time to look around bewilderingly your PDA starts up again.

"Test #390855 Now Complete."


Yep, the mod plot is over. Everyone is awake and everyone remembers everything and so on... follow up threads where you see the people who died in the cell with you are highly encouraged.