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Mod Plot

You are going about your business, when suddenly you get an overwhelming urge to do something that you never did before. Or you suddenly look different. And before you get a chance to panic, your PDA starts up.

“Field Test #443121. Activate.”

And for 24 hours you are stuck with this strange trait. And you mope, cry, enjoy, or grow hysterical over this new addition, new habit; until it suddenly disappears. Only to be replaced by a new one.


Exactly as is explained. You will trade traits with another person, for a day, before it gets changed again. There will be a list for you to choose which trait you would like and which you need to offer a trait to for the other's to use. You will not be able to use what you give up until the end of the plot. It is assumed it is always in use, even if no one is using it.

Appearance, talents, and maybe even certain abilities, like magic or swordsmanship, may be traded. We encourage that you trade as many things as possible.

Reply here with what each character will be without this week, until the 25th.
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