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Shifting Stone

It was around dinner time when every PDA broadcasted the mayor’s warning, after most the locals had ended their work day and gone back to their apartments. They all looked up blankly at the speakers that served as their PDA and stood up together to do as they were told. All at once, every local in the city collapsed where they stood. Killed faster then a blink when the Ritpels in they were destroyed along with the brains they were in.

Only twenty seconds after the warning the ground starts to shake. The six black pillars around the city vibrate more then the buildings do until they visibly rock in place. It doesn’t take long for them to be wrenched out of the ground by unseen forces and pulled up. All six punch large holes into the cave’s roof, sending boulders and sunlight crashing back down onto the city of Higure.

The ground continues to shake, knocking dishes off shelves and starting to send distress cracks up the walls. The road running down the middle of the city started to roll like waves coming into shore. The power goes out; now only the quickly dimming sunlight coming in from the six holes gives the people any light.

There is a massive crack and the shaking only gets worst as the back part of the cave collapses. Air rushed out of the cave with a roar, deafening the people still alive along with the constant crashes of falling rocks and collapsing buildings.

It lasts for half an agonizing minute only, but it feels longer as the buildings and cave fall around you. But it dies off, leaving an eerily silent cave. There is a new hole next to the apartment buildings as well as a large opening where the surface came crashing down onto more then half of the city. But the light is fading as twilight creeps closer.


Completely destroyed – The following places cannot be reached at all:
Public Works: Knocked out all power and water for the city. The shield keeping Nightmares out of the cave is also knocked out.
Local’s Apartments: No survivors.
The Warehouse: Collapsed almost as soon as the quake started.
The Lake: The water sloshed out during the quake so the surrounding area is very muddy now.
Empty Space: Still standing, but no one can get to it now.

Almost completely
The Hospital: The Waiting Room and one Basic Examination Room are mostly intact. Some very basic medical supplies may be found (gauze, alcohol, band-aids, rubber gloves, etc.)
The Shops: Crushed, if you dig through the rubble a bit you can find some clothing and sturdier items. No glass jars or bottles survived.
City Hall: A massive boulder smashed through the center of it. Digging will get you book, papers, crushed office supplies, and bodies.
The Platform: Crumbled into black rocks, no bigger then a child’s fist.

Mostly Damaged
The Greenhouse: Half of it was spared the rocks falling but was showered in glass as the whole structure came down. One of the holes punched through to the Surface may give enough sunlight for the plants.
The Apartments: The Fourth floor is very unstable and collapsing onto the Third floor. Rooms 401-411, 301-311 were closer to the rock wall and the most badly hit. The Second floor is surprisingly well intact while on the large boulders hit exterior walls of First floor rooms 101-110. The whole building is unstable now, but you can walk around a bit. It just feels like everything is about to give way and large chunks of walls and ceilings tend to fall without warning.
The Staircase: Large rocks fell but it is easy to walk around them.
The Computer:</a> Blue Screen of Death. Off line.

The mayor will have a thread up later today that takes place as soon as everyone gets out of the cave to the surface. You’ll be able to ask any IC questions there. Feel free to play through getting muses out of the city. When everyone does get out the mayor will explain IC what happened and direct everyone to the destroyed Platform.

At the Platform you will find the following gear, just enough for everyone and no more:
- Backpacking packs (colors vary, different sizes to fit everyone)
- Sleeping bags (colors vary)
- Sets of dishes (plate, mug, bowl, spork, knife, all metal)
- Canteens (metal) with 32 oz of clean water
- Food for a week (rations vary and are very basic, dry goods or just-add-water types of food)
- PDAs for anyone who lost theirs

- There are also four tents (The mayor will get his own from his office, because all mayors keep a tent in their office. And a shotgun.)

Set up and sign up for tents HERE!
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