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New Area

As he said, the mayor packed up after giving everyone a chance to salvage what they could from the city and started to lead everyone east. The dead locals they left were attracting Nightmares, so it was best to leave quickly. Plus everyone was given a limited amount of water that will quickly run out.

Environment: A flat, dry, barren plain. More rocks then shrubs and the shrubs are dead. Towards the end of the first day walking the mayor leads you to a large crack in the earth. The river that the mayor will follow for as long as he can is located at the bottom and will take about ten minutes to climb down and longer to climb up. A narrow rocky shore is less then ideal to sleep on, so the mayor suggests the camp be set up on the plain above the river.

The water looks deep and too fast to walk across, turning into small rapids in areas. But it is possible to wade in and bathe if you stay close to the shore. If you boil the water it will be safe to drink and cook with if needed. Beware of fish. Some fish can be eaten and some you'll want to stay clear of.

Notable Nightmares: Piranhas (~10-30 inches long, hunts in packs, difficult to kill) and Werewolves (they are more active around full moons)

Weather: Mid 70's (°F) cooling to mid 60's through the week. Partly cloudy, calm breeze. Full moon on the 4th.
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