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A Mod Plot Approaches

The little squirrel didn’t have the kinds of thoughts us human do.

It rummaged through the trees of the forest like little squirrels do, ignoring the travels of a group far below the canopy of where it was. Humans had not walked the path of these woods for a long while, enough so that this squirrel was unfazed by their presence. It soared from tree to tree, climbing up and down and dancing a strange waltz with the forest around it, slowly getting lower and lower until it landed on the earth below.

Still ignoring the travelers, it rummaged through the dirt looking for its acorn that it planted last year, little fluffy tail flickering. It felt no strange instincts, no weird signs. The forest was still alive with wildlife. And it was hungry. So it was going to search for its acorn and feast.

Maybe, if its brain was bigger and capable of more processing power, it would have noticed a strange pattern among the trees. Some clustered together in an almost perfect circular shape when other trees had more of a random spacing. And maybe it would have run away when it saw the way these strange trees all seem a bit curved, all in the direction to a single point far above the canopy.

They snap into rigid lines with a loud crack, suddenly. The squirrel jerks and panics now, running away, jumping to land on one of the nearest trees. But each straight tree it tries to land on is now a leg, and a mini force field seems to keep the squirrel from reaching the other trees outside the circle.

Boxed in, the poor squirrel stops fighting and waits, panting heavily, its instinct to survive damaged but still coursing through its veins. Something lowers from above it from the bright and blinding canopy. Like a giant… stomach? And the strangely shaped giant lima bean tips and something rains down on the poor squirrel. It screams as the liquid burns through it’s fur and flesh, dissolving it. Still it tries its damndest to fight whatever unseen force was hurting it.

The need to live so strong that despite its bleeding and raw open wounds, it continued until there was nothing left and it collapsed against the ground. The liquid had burned through it’s legs and was dissolving its skin, innards now decoratively scattering the ground underneath it. It screams in pain as each drop sizzled through it, convulsing as its body still tried to run away from the extreme that was still being thrust upon it.

Eventually the tortured screams echoing in the now silent forest died off, and the little squirrel shutters and takes its last breath before its captor finishes its meal by dumping all the contents of its stomach over it. And when it was finished, the trees of its legs creak and snap as it bends back into position and waits for another victim to come along. The forest remained silent, as though mourning the death of the poor squirrel.

The knowledge of this danger though would be lost except by among the creatures that had just witnessed the horrible event, for there were no remains to give warning to the rest.


Okay, these monsters have ten legs camouflaged like trees that lock in place when you hit the center of their circle. A stomach drops down and drips acid on you until you die. The monsters head is egg shaped with a right eye bigger than the other, and a mouth that is sewn shut.

These things can only be destroyed from the inside out.

If your character dies in this, they really die. And it will be counted as a drop.

Things that can break through their barrier include metal objects, and any type of magic of course. If you're character can only use physical attacks, like punches or kicks, you're better off jumping up and knocking the stomach down or something rather than trying to get out.

This plot will go from October 24th to October 31st.

Any questions ask here.

BTW, monster looks like this.

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