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New Area

Clouds appeared suddenly in the middle of the night, black and billowing as they were shoved into the sky by unseen forced. Once all the stars were blotted out the rain came down in a sudden downpour, waking even the deepest of sleepers with the sudden crash. It doesn’t stop. The sky lightened slightly a few hours later but the rain never let up. The mayor said that they had to keep moving, rain or not.

The easy walk enjoyed since leaving Higure is ruined by slick mud and frigid water constantly falling. Then a light is seen in a distance. After a pause, the mayor turns away from the river for the first time to head towards it. A two story shopping mall sits in the middle of nowhere all by itself with all the lights still on. There aren’t any signs of a parking lot around it, yet the building seems to be untouched by the Nightmares. And it’s warm inside and more importantly, dry.

Maps are posted near entrances. Clothing stores, camping supplies, shoe stores, beauty shops, electronic stores, food court, restrooms, a small grocery store, candy shop, bookstore, a bedding store with a few beds to sleep on, whatever you think would be in a large shopping center. Staff only areas will let you find private offices, locker rooms with showers. Security still has video cameras running. The lights in the shops turn off at 11 pm and turn on at 7 am, the lights in the rest of the main building stay on all the time.

Notable Nightmares: Any odd Nightmare you want to have wander in from the rain, Mold (only dangerous if you have allergies for now), Small animal things (none that dangerous, more like rats in size and temper but come in a large variety of forms), and Easy listening music (awful, will play until someone finds the office and shuts it off/finds a better CD to play).

Weather: Torrential rain outside with some flooding around the mall, 68°F (20°C) inside unless someone fiddles with the AC.

Food: Expiration dates vary, the latest one being from a year ago if the date on the PDAs are correct. Anything perishable is gone, however the freezers in the food court work and the canned foods in the grocery may be fine.
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