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higure_events's Journal

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Higure Events

You have been brought to a different Earth. Landscapes shift slowly of every time you turn a corner. Illogical changes in climates sitting next to each other, tropical forests melting into deserts. Actually melting. Mountains may build up and fall into dust in a week as nature seems to have forgotten how it’s suppose to work.

Worst though, there are unspeakable evils and grotesque beings walking along the surface with you. Nightmares and dreams of people have been made real and haunt the Surface. All done by aliens in order to study humans. And the dreams seem drawn to you, though whether they want to hurt or look you over curiously is not something you want to wait to find out.

-The Full Premise-

Nothing good ever stays good for long.

About This Community

This will tell you anything major going on. We will also post here when the landscape or weather changes, when the group enters a new town, and any large changes in Nightmare or Dream populations. If you'd like to request a plot please go to this page.

If you'd like to post here for any reason it must be mod approved.

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